About us

Enviro Control-Ar is an independent Argentine company, founded in 1993. The head office is in the heart of Buenos Aires city and has well-trained staff at each of the principal ports in the countries where operates.

Our principal activities are quality and condition controls, cargo inspections, agricultural surveys and shipment of different goods, be they solid or liquid in bulk, containers or break-bulk cargoes.

Furthermore, we specialize in nautical surveys, rendering assistance, investigation and control of: collisions, groundings, pollution, cargo contamination, incidents with containers and any other fact related to sea or river transport.

Our services are offered during storage, loading, discharging and lightering operations, mainly, but not exclusively, in factories, cold plants, warehouses, silos and shore tanks. In other words, we assist sea, river, air or land transport as necessary.

We have an important “IT platform” (information technology) with a “taylor made” system for each of our clients, which allows us to supply, immediately, the corresponding reports in a swift and safe manner.

With the specialized staff involved in each required job, and the information provided “on-line”, we offer the responsibility, security, confidence and efficiency necessary to protect the interest of each of our clients.

Nowadays, we have not only achieved, but also surpassed all the objectives proposed at the start of our activities. Up to 2011, we controlled more than 32 million MT of grains and by-products, 6 million MT of iron ore, 4 million MT of liquid cargoes and 1.5 million MT of break-bulk shipments, which provides the company with experience and knowhow in the area of almost 45 million MT. Furthermore, we have also assisted over 1,100 motor vessels and tankers.

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, UKAS Quality Management, FOSFA, Gafta, SENASA